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last i do posting

Well last time i posted it was forever it feels like : well last month me and my boyfriend and our friend bug went on an accual trip to the beach in long view washington it was ok the condo we stayed at was big with a fire place went to the stores over there and found a cool video game place so we played in there and then did some shoping for piret stuff .We came back two days later back to the tricities and went to work down at clombia park were they now have bummper boats but sadly i had to quit the job but it was ok we are all still friends with the bosses .after that well just running like a chicken with my head cut off lol... I gotta see two movies this month clerks2
and pirets of the carabian 2.... so this an advencer it dose do feeling like just a lot of random stuff and not suck of the sucking by being of the bourd.. stayin high tho and some of drinking but its cool to be around people again :) helped a friend to day so that is my good deed for to day ........i am just rambling on lol ok i know its not funny .........
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